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Thank you from Amelia and Mateo

“Thank you for helping us to feel safe and to see a positive future ahead of us!” 

Our Tax Appeal featured the story of HOPE Program participants Amelia and her young son Mateo, just one of the many young families we have been able to support. HOPE has helped 110 families over the past year, a tremendous boost from the 90 we had anticipated supporting. 

Amelia was more than happy to share her story for our tax campaign to help raise funds for the HOPE program and thrilled when we were able to share the feedback we had received in the form of donations. She said she hopes these funds can help more young families like hers.

My son is such a beautiful boy, he deserves the best and I know now that I can give him the life he should have.”

About HOPE 

The HOPE Program understands the crucial window of opportunity provided in the first 2000 days of a child’s life, setting them up for better outcomes later in life. In NSW it has been shown that for every $1 spent on effective prevention and early interventions, $13 is saved by government and tax payers in the future. Children who develop in nurturing environments are more likely to become happy and productive members of society with a lower likelihood of physical and mental health issues, risk-taking behaviour, conduct disorders, and criminality.

“Seeing a young family through the program not only provides a safe home environment and empowers young women, but it also plays a role in helping to break the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage for many families as well as helping address other social and economic challenges,” explains Emma Neill, Child & Family Services Practice Manager

“We know that too often young parents have missed out on secure and healthy early childhoods themselves, so HOPE has been carefully designed to provide the right combination of supports. Amelia is a terrific example of what can be achieved when a young family is referred to us and we have the resources and funding we need to support and encourage them. I’m incredibly grateful to our donors for allowing us to deliver ‘hope’ in so many ways. ”